Less Doing, More Living: Make Everything in Life Easier
Ari Meisel

Ended: June 1, 2014

InsideTracker: You can even go so far as to track the biomarkers in your blood. This is different from doing it with your doctor, because you can test yourself whenever you want to, and many times doctors won’t test for some of the markers offered by InsideTracker—such as C-Reactive Protein, an inflammatory marker. Tracking your vitamin D levels, cholesterol, and even testosterone allow you to dial in to your health and achieve better results.
Ultimately, 20 percent of your energy (not time, but energy) should be spent on work. Spend the other 80 percent on rest and self-improvement. This may seem counterintuitive, but by investing in rest and self-improvement, you reap benefits that make you far more efficient and feed your work. It’s a self-supporting cycle.
Vitamins on Demand provides custom vitamin packs in a little cardboard folder for each week. It’s designed to let you break off a pack for each day, several days, or even the whole week at a time. This makes
The second great act of customization in my life comes from Indochino, a custom suit company. Indochino walks you through a thorough ten-minute measuring process, complete with video examples. They save your profile in their system. Then, they present you with several dozen suits in different styles, from tuxedos to three-piece banker suits. The suits start at around two hundred and fifty dollars. This is an excellent price for a custom suit, and if the measurements are off, they’ll give you a seventy-five-dollar credit to go to a tailor and get it fixed. You can specify pocket styles, lining colors, and even have your name monogrammed on the inside of the jacket. When the seasons change and you decide it’s time for something new, you simply pick the style you like, knowing that it will be a perfect fit, every time.
The last example of customization I’ll give you is Ponoko. Ponoko is an interesting community of “makers” and on-demand 3D printing services. Ponoko can help turn an idea into a product—if, for example, you have a design for a better coffee cup or a really cool desk chair.
The number-one service I recommend to eliminate errands is Amazon Subscribe and Save. It allows you to subscribe to nonperishable items that Amazon sells: dog food, toilet paper, toothpaste, and other things like that. You can set what you want and how much—for example, three tubes of toothpaste every two months. You can cancel any delivery at any time, and you can get an extra delivery at any time, so it’s hardly even a subscription, and you immediately get a 5 to 15 percent discount for buying this way. Most important, once you set it up, you don’t have to think about it anymore.
To go beyond Mint and get really serious about analytics, you need to check out OneReceipt. This service automatically pulls in all of your e-receipts from your e-mail.
Another great set-it-and-forget-it application is FileThis.com. It automatically pulls e-statements from utility companies, cell phone providers, credit card companies, and other bills each month. It gathers these statements in PDF form and puts them in Evernote. Suddenly, it’s all searchable!
ScanDigital: www.scandigital.com ScanDigital is great for those old boxes of photos fading away in your basement. Send all of your old media—photos, VHS tapes, and even slides. ScanDigital will scan and digitize everything for you. Now you can really enjoy those photos by carrying them on your mobile device to share with friends and family. For scanning entire books like textbooks or manuscripts, you can use 1DollarScan (www.1dollarscan.com); they will scan a hundred pages for just a dollar.
Pocket Yoga app
Krill oil comes from tiny shrimp in the North Atlantic. It provides a variety of benefits, from reduced inflammation to lower cholesterol, and even better insulin response management. It’s significantly more effective than fish oil. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that keep your digestive system balanced, your immune response in order, and inflammation at bay. Vitamin D is an essential resource for your immune system, inflammation, and even sleep. Most people who work indoors, wear clothes, and don’t get enough fat in their diets are vitamin D deficient.
Blue Apron (www.blueapron.com) offers a service that effectively lets you automate meal planning and shopping. When you subscribe, they automatically send you a package containing all of the ingredients, recipes, and video instructions for three meals a week. Everything you need is delivered to you in the correct portions, so you don’t have to try to figure out what to make or remember to buy the ingredients. All you have to do is cook it.
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